Tapioca-Inter cultivation

Retain two shoots on each plant in opposite directions and remove excess shoots about 30 days after planting.

Keep the field free of weeds and maintain soil loose by 2-3 shallow diggings or hoeing upto 90 days after planting followed by light earthing up.

The second dose of fertilizer has to apply two months after planting and the third dose has to be applied three months after planting.

Soil application of Mg as MgSO4 @ 20 kg/ha (1.62 gram/plant) and Zn as ZnSO4 @12.5 kg/ha (1gram/plant) in small channels around the mounds within 2 months of planting is found to increase yield. Provide interval of 2 weeks between the application of these fertilizers.

In sandy areas intercropping tapioca with cowpea / groundnut / black gram / green gram may be recommended giving a spacing of 20 cm on both sides of the ridges.

First irrigation is given at the time of planting.  Life irrigation is given on the 3rd day followed by once in 7 – 10 days upto 3rd month and once in 20 – 30 days upto 8th month.