Tea- Planting activities

Tea is propagated through vegetative method and seeds. Around 5000 plants can be grown in an acre.

Vegetative propagation is carried out for clonal multiplication while biclonal seed stocks are propagated through seeds.

Planting should be carried out in the month of June where the areas receiving south-west monsoon.

Pits are taken with a dimension of 30 X 45 cm. One year old plants are planted in pits. Double hedge system of planting (spacing: 135 X 75 X 75 cm) is normally followed.

The selected plants for planting should have 14 to 16 healthy mature leaves and the root system should have reached the bottom end of the sleeves at the time of planting.

The stem at the collar region should be about pencil thick and brown. Soil and water conservation measures must be adopted while new planting is taken up.