Trichoderma viride / T. harzianum

Trichoderma viride / T. harzianum are fungus with multipurpose use in agriculture. It is useful against soil borne diseases like damping-off, wilt, rust, root rot and stem rot. It helps in germination of seed. It can enhance the growth of the plant. It is generally more effective when applied as a preventive measure.

It is available in powder and liquid formulations. It is recommended for seed treatment, seedling dip, soil application and foliar spray.

The dosage is 20 gram per litre of water for foliar spray and soil drenching. In case of plants where leaf quality is important, the supernatant need only to be sprayed. And in case of liquid formulation take 5 ml/liter of water.

For seed treatment take 10 gram per kilogram of seed. And for seedling or planting materials treatment take 250 gram in 750ml of water and dip it for 20 minutes.

The trichoderma enriched cow dung/compost mixture is commonly used in spices and plantation crops. It can also be used in the potting mixture in nursery beds and in the field.

To prepare 100 kg of trichoderma enriched mixture, 90 kg of cow dung, 10 kg neem cake and 2 kg trichoderma are needed.

Mix dry and powdered neem cake and cow dung and then moisten it by sprinkling water. Add the commercial preparation of Trichoderma spp. (available in polythene packets) @ 1-2 kg per 100 kg of neem cake – cow dung mixture.

After thoroughly mixing, cover it with a perforated polythene sheet or ordinary newspaper and keep it in shade for 4-5 days for multiplication. Again mix well and keep for three more days for further multiplication. This preparation is ready for incorporation in the soil in 20 days.

Take care to store the bio control agents in cool places. Never mix it with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Always use before the date of expiry.