Tuberose-Harvest and storage

Flowers of tuberose are ready for harvest in about 80 to 100 days of planting. Tuberose flowers all the year round. August- September is the peak period of flowering.

Spikes are harvested when 1-2 pairs of flowers open on the spike. The harvesting should be done preferably in the morning before sunrise or late in the evening.

The spikes are cut from the base with a sharp knife or secateurs that give a clean cut. About 4-6 cm basal portion has to be left for the growth of bulb.

The lower portion of the cut spikes immediately after harvest, are to be immersed in water for prolonging life of spikes. For loose flower purpose individual flowers are plucked early in the morning.

The bulbs are harvested when the flowering is over and plant ceases to grow. Then the old leaves become dry and bulbs are almost dormant. At this stage, irrigation is withheld and the soil is allowed to dry.

The leaves are cut off at the ground level and the bulbs are dug out. After digging, the bulbs are lifted out and the adhering soil is shaken off neatly and thoroughly.

The offsets are then separated out by hand, which are used as seed-stock for the next season.