00 Arecanut planting | Farm Extension Manager

Arecanut- Planting activities

Arecanut is propagated through seed. Around 500 plants can be accommodated in an acre. The planting is to be done during May-June in well-drained soils and during August-September in clayey soils.

The seedlings are raised in primary and secondary nurseries. 12 to 18 months old seedlings are used for planting. Seedlings having the maximum number of leaves and the minimum height are best for planting.

Pits of size 60 x 60 x 60 cm are made for planting. The recommended spacing is 2.7 x 2.7m with north-south alignment. The rows should be deflected at an angle of 35 degree towards west.

The pits are filled up with organic manure @ 12 kg/plant along with top soil.  The seedlings are planted at the center of the pit. The soil is covered up to the collar level and pressed intact.

Arecanut palms are highly susceptible to a sun-scorch. Hence, the palms should be given adequate protection from south-western sun. The practice of growing banana is quite common.