Bottle gourd-Harvest and storage

Bottle gourd reaches harvesting stage within 55-60 days after sowing. Fruits are harvested at tender stage when it grows to one third to half.  Tender fruits with cylindrical shape are preferred in market.

Fruits attain edible maturity 10-12 days after anthesis.  The maturity can be judged by pressing on fruit skin and noting pubescence persisting on skin.

At edible maturity, seeds are soft.  Seeds become hard and flesh turn coarse and dry during aging.  Harvesting is done at 3-4 days intervals.

While harvesting, care should be taken to avoid injury to vines as well as to fruits.  Plucking of individual fruits is done with sharp knives by keeping a small part of fruit stalk along with fruit.

Fruits can be stored for 3-5 days under cool and moist condition.