Cashew- Planting activities

Cashew is propagated through seeds and also by softwood grafts. The softwood grafts will be ready for planting in 5-6 months after grafting.

Softwood grafts have a high rate of establishment and early flowering character. They will be true to type and exhibit minimum variability. Hence it is better recommended than seeds. Around 70 grafts will be needed for an acre.

Take pits of size 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm during June-July. The recommended spacing is 7.5 m to 10 m. The pits are filled with topsoil and 5-10 kg of compost or dried cow dung.

The grafts are planted after carefully removing the polythene bags. Care should be taken while planting to see that the graft union is 2.5 cm above the ground level.

The polythene tape is to be carefully cut and removed subsequently.

Staking should be done immediately after planting to avoid lodging. Mulch the plant base with dry leaves to reduce sun-scorch to tender plants.