Coleus- Planting activities

Coleus is propagated through vine cutting. Plant the cuttings in the main field between July and October.

To get the required number of vines, the tubers are raised in nursery. About 68 to 80 kg of tubers is required to raise the nursery for one acre.

The main field is ploughed or digged to a depth of 15-20 cm. Form ridges 30 cm apart or raised beds of 60-90 cm width. Organic manure @ 40 kg/cent is added at the time of planting.

Take the vine cutting to a length of 10-15 cm from the top portion after three weeks from planting.

Plant the vine cutting collected from the nursery on ridges at a spacing of 30 cm or on raised beds at 30 cm x 15 cm spacing.

The basal dose of fertilizers is added at time of planting.