Dasagavya is Panchagavyaplus plant extracts. It has the potential to promote growth and provide immunity in plant system.

Plants used are: Azadiractaindica, Calotropissp, Tephrosiapurpurea, Vitexnegundo, Daturametel, Jatrophacurcass, Adathodavasica and Pongamiapinnata.

The plant extracts are prepared by separately soaking the foliage in cow urine in 1:1 ratio for ten days. The filtered extracts of all the plants are then added @ 1 litre each of five plant extract to 5 litres of the Panchagavya solution. The mixture is kept for 25 days and stirred well, meanwhile, to ensure thorough mixing of Panchagavya and the plant extracts.

The Dasagavyasolution is filtered to avoid clogging of sprayer nozzles and is recommended as foliar spray at 30 ml/liter of water. Soaking of seeds or dipping the roots of seedlings in 30 ml/liter solution of Dasagavyafor 20 minutes before planting enhances seed germination and root development. It can be stored up to two months.