Leaf extracts

Fermented extracts made with leaves and seeds act as excellent pest repellents by creating unpleasant odors. When sprayed, these solutions prevent pests from feeding on plants because, in general, insects and worms use their sense of smell to identify edible plants.

This extract is prepared using the leaves of five different plants. The selection of plants should be done in the following manner.

  • Plants with milky latex – e.g., Calotropis , Nerium , Cactus, Jatropha, etc.
  • Plants which are bitter – e.g., Neem, Andrographis, Tinospora, Aloe vera , Leucas, etc.
  • Plants that are generally avoided by cattle – e.g., Adhatoda, Ipomea , Fistulosa, etc .
  • Aromatic plants – e.g., Vitex, Ocimum etc.
  • Plants that are not affected by pests and diseases – e.g., Moringa, Ipomea fistulosa, etc .

Any five of the above mentioned plant leaves should be collected in equal quantities (1 kg of each) and pounded well. Transfer this to a mud pot and add 10 litresof water. To this, add one litre of cow urine and 100 gram of asafoetida. Tie the mouth of the pot tightly with a cloth.

The extract should be mixed well daily every evening and used after a week after filtration. Cow urine is used for disease control and asafoetida prevents flower dropping, enhancing the yield.

Usage: Mix 500-1,000 ml in 10 liters of water and spray.