Lemon grass-Fertilizer information

The nutrient recommendation for Lemon grass is 100:0:0 kg NPK/ha. The quantity of straight fertilizers to get the above dose is worked out for a cent.

The fertilizers dose needed is 868 gram urea for a cent. The fertilizers have to be applied in split doses.

The first split has to be applied in after first harvest. The urea needed at this time is 217 gram for a cent.

The second dose has to apply after 2nd harvest and the dosage is 217 gram urea for a cent.

The third and fourth dose has to be applied after 3rd harvest and 4th harvest respectively. The fertilizer dose is 217 gram urea on each stage for a cent.

Lime or dolomite has to be applied in acid soils two weeks ahead of fertilizer application. Organic manure @ 10 kg/cent is recommended at planting time.

To get the details for an acre you need to multiply the values with 100.