Mango ginger- Planting activities

Mango ginger is propagated through rhizome.  The recommended seed rate is 600 kg/acre. The ideal time of planting is April immediately after summer showers.

Whole or split mother rhizomes or well developed, healthy and disease free finger rhizomes weighing 15-20 gram are suitable for planting.

The land should be prepared to a good tilth during February-March. Beds of convenient length, 1.2 m width, and 25 cm height are prepared. A space of 40 cm should be given between beds.

Take small pits in the beds with a spacing of 25 cm x 30 cm and at a depth of 4-5 cm.  The rhizomes are planted in the pits. Organic manure @ 140 kg/cent is added at the time of planting.

Apply recommended basal dose of fertilizers at the time of planting. A time lag of ten days should be given between application of lime and fertilizers.