Marigold-Harvest and storage

Marigold flowers will be ready for harvest in about 2.5 months’ time from the date of transplanting. The plant continues to bear flowers for another 2-2.5 months.

The flowers are harvested when they have attained full size. It is advisable to harvest the flowers in the evening along with a portion of stalk.

The field should be irrigated before plucking so that flowers keep well for a longer period after harvest.

Before long distance transportation it is better to keep flowers in bamboo basket. And the basket should be covered under moist muslin cloth.

For seed extraction, the flowers are dried on floor under shade for 2-3 days. Upon drying, the seeds are separated by hammering the flowers and the straw is separated by winnowing.

The seeds are thoroughly cleaned and graded before packing in poly bags or cloth bags, and is stored in cool places. The moisture contents of the seeds must be examined before the packing.