Rubber-Harvest and storage

Rubber reaches economic yielding stage around seven years after planting. The tapping can be started in plantation when 70 per cent of the tree reaches the standard girth of 50 cm.

The best period to open new areas for tapping is March-April. The trees that are left behind during the season for want of sufficient girth may be considered for opening in September

In budded plants, the girth at a height of 125 cm from the point of bud union is taken for determining harvest time.

In seedlings, the first opening for tapping is recommended at a height of 50 cm when the girth is 55 cm. If opening at a higher level is preferred, the seedling trees can be opened at a height of 90 cm when the girth at that level is 50 cm.

In budded trees, subsequent panels are also opened at the same height i.e., 125 cm. The height specified for opening subsequent panels on a seedling tree is 100 cm.

In general, budded trees are tapped on half spiral alternate daily (1/2S d/2) and seedling plants on half spiral third daily (1/2S d/3). In the case of high yielding clones like RRII 105, half spiral third daily tapping frequency (1/2S d/3) has to be followed to reduce the incidence of tapping panel dryness.