Sapota-Harvest and storage

Sapota starts bearing from third year of planting. Economic yield starts from 5th year onwards. Fruits mature about 4 months after flowering.

The tree flowers continuously in several flushes at short intervals throughout the year. The two main seasons of flowering are October- November and February-March and the two corresponding harvesting seasons are January-February and May-June.

A mature fruit is dull brown in colour and the colour immediately below the skin when scratched is of lighter shade, while in the immature fruits it is green.

Brown scaly material disappears from the fruit surface as the fruits approach full maturity. The milky latex content is reduced. The dried spine like style at the top of the fruit falls or drops off easily when touched.

The fruits are handpicked or harvested with special harvester which has a round ring with a net bag fixed onto a long bamboo.