Vanilla- Planting activities

Vanilla is propagated through shoot cuttings. Plant the cutting with the onset of monsoon rains. Around 1000 cuttings will be needed for an acre.

Rooted cuttings as well as tissue culture derived plants can also be used for planting.

Clear the land of jungle growth and prepare for planting. Being a creeper, the plant requires support up to a height of about 130-135 cm.

Cuttings of Plumaria alba, Erythrina lithosperma, Jatropha carcas and Glyricidia maculata are suitable as live supports.

The growth of live standard is to be regulated so as to make them branch at a height of 120-150 cm to facilitate trailing of the vines and artificial hand pollination.

Make pits of size 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm. Fill the pits with top soil. Plant the cutting at a spacing of 2.7 m between plants and 1.8 m between rows

Plant cuttings of 60 cm length. Longer cuttings bear earlier than shorter ones.